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Family Shivalik

Discover the Family Shivalik Cave, with the mountain view which offers plenty of room, conveniences, and nature encounters, making it the ideal place for your family to get together and make lifelong memories. Enjoy a 2-suite room with a large living area, a bathroom, and a jacuzzi. The best riverside resort in Jim Corbett is suited for your family to have an amazing holiday together. Get the experience of a unique and spacious 1400 Sq. Feet cave in Ramnagar 5-star resort with an exciting mountain view. Experience the adventure as you walk to your cave.

The family Shivalik Cave is a magical retreat where nature’s beauty meets the enchantment of your childhood dreams. This isn’t just accommodation; it’s a treehouse haven designed to whisk your family away on a whimsical journey. The Family Shivalik Cave offers a unique vantage point to savor nature’s splendor. Perched amidst the treetops, this treehouse sanctuary treats you to panoramic views and an elevated perspective on relaxation.

Step inside to discover a spacious retreat that’s perfect for families to bond and create memories. Whether it’s storytelling under the stars or simply basking in the serenity, this space is designed for your family’s comfort and joy. While you’re embraced by nature, modern conveniences ensure that your stay is as convenient as it is enchanting. Stay connected with Wi-Fi, unwind with entertainment on the TV, and indulge in the ease of in-room amenities.

From birdwatching to stargazing, the best riverside resort in Jim Corbett Family Shivalik Cave offers unique experiences that go beyond the ordinary. It’s a place where the natural world becomes your playground and your family’s imagination can take flight. Whether you’re exploring the jungle or simply reconnecting with your loved ones, the Family Shivalik Cave caters to families seeking a touch of whimsy. It’s a place where nature’s beauty meets the magic of your dreams.

Discover the art of whimsical family getaways in the Family Shivalik Cave. It’s not just a room; it’s a haven where laughter echoes among the trees and where memories are etched in the tapestry of your family’s story.


  • Cave Size 1400Sq Feet
  • Shower
  • LED TV
  • Working Desk
  • King Size Bed
  • Jacuzzi
  • Mini Fridge
  • Wardrobe
  • Tea & Coffee Maker
  • Safety Locker
  • Luxury Toiletries
  • Tea/Coffee Maker

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