Your Privacy, Our Commitment.

We respect your trust in us. At Brys Cave, resort in forest in Uttarakhand we want you to acknowledge how we gather, use, and share your information because of this. The information that we collect when you visit our website, access or use our mobile applications, or use our booking services made available through our Website, App, and contact centres is covered by the privacy policy that is detailed below.

You accept the terms and conditions of the following Privacy Policy and our Terms & conditions when you visit our website, access or use our app, or use one of our services.

Personal Information

Personal Information Collected by BrysCave

Any information that links you to a specific person and uniquely identifies you is considered personal information. It includes:

  • Name
  • Postal address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Information linked to your Credit and debit card number
  • Social media accounts’ details
  • Passport number
  • The additional details you offer us while making a booking, such as your dietary requirements or any health issues. 

You must certify that you have the necessary rights before disclosing any Personal Information about another person to us or our service partners in order to use their services. You are giving us permission to use the data in accordance with this Privacy Policy by giving us that power or permit.

How BrysCave Gathers Personal Data

We gather your personal data via a number of methods, and we give it to our service providers. How we do this includes:

  • Through our Services: When you use our services, make a reservation with us, or subscribe to a promotion, we may gather personal information about you.
  • Offline: If you contact us through our customer service line, we might be able to gather your Personal Information from you offline.
  • From Social Media Sources: To the extent permitted by the relevant laws, we may access your social media information through social media platforms, as well as those of other third parties.

How BrysCave Uses Your Personal Information

We may use personal information for the following purposes: 

  • To finish and perform the requested service or booking. This covers the payment procedure, any conversations you have with our agent about your reservation, and, if necessary, offering you our customer support. The details on your passport are also used to complete your travel reservations.
  • To answer your questions, carry out your requests, or send you our newsletters with promotional content.
  • To provide you with any administrative information. Information about the Services and any updates to our terms, conditions, and/or policies may be included in this.
  • To send you marketing communications that might be of interest to you, as allowed by the relevant laws.
  • For business goals, such as data analysis, risk analysis, and fraud protection. 
  • To give you a personalised experience on the Services by making offers that are specifically tailored for you. Identifying your usage patterns and evaluating the success of our marketing initiatives are also part of our efforts to enhance, improve, or adjust our Services.
  • As we deem necessary or appropriate: (a) under applicable States law; (b) to comply with legal process; (c) to respond to requests from government authorities; (d) to ensure that our terms and conditions are enforced properly; (e) to ensure that our operations or interests are satisfied; and (f) to protect our rights, privacy, and safety as a corporate entity.
  1. g) to seek any redress or restrict the potential damages.

Possible Disclosure Methods for Personal Information

The following organisations could receive access to your personal information: They are not under our control, and any Personal Information we may share with them is governed by their respective privacy and security policies. Because of this, we also urge you to study their privacy policies.

Our affiliates, divisions, and joint ventures: These businesses adhere to the same Privacy Policy as those listed above and are directly under Brys Cave ‘s common management. Therefore, we and these organisations are utilising your personal information jointly.

  • Travel-related vendors, which include businesses like hotels, airlines, and car rental agencies. Your Personal Information is given to them so that they can effectively provide the services that you book through the Services.
  • Other travel-related businesses: We collaborate with these businesses to offer you the Services. One can access their travel-related inventory through other travel agents, airline consolidators or aggregators, and travel insurance providers.
  • To our third-party service providers who offer services including email delivery, auditing, customer service, data analysis, payment processing, order fulfilment, information technology, and related infrastructure providing. They are obligated to keep the information we share with them confidential.
  • Depending on your social media account’s settings, we may disclose information about your social activity. Please do not link your social media account to Brys Cave if you do not want your personal information posted on social media.
  • As required or appropriate: (a) under applicable law of the State (b) to respond to court orders and prevent fraud or criminal activity (c) to uphold the terms and conditions of BrysCave (d) to safeguard our operations or interests (e) and (f) to safeguard our rights, privacy, and safety

(g) to enable us to pursue remedies and restrict potential damages.


Additional Information Brys Cave Might Collect

Any information that does not specifically identify your name or connect you to another person is referred to as “other information.” Other information includes: Your browser and device information

Information about how you use apps

Data we gather through your cookies

Pixel tags

Other analytics technologies

Your demographics information 

and any aggregated data.

Using cookies: The information that is directly stored on the computer that you are using is referred to as cookies. Typically, cookies gather data such as your preferred language, the type of browser you’re using, the length of time spent on each page of the Brys Cave website, and other anonymous traffic statistics.

Using pixel tags: Brys Cave may use pixel tags to track users’ activities on the Services and assess the success of our marketing efforts. This also entails gathering use and consumer response rate statistics.

IP Address: Your Internet Service Provider will have given your computer an IP address. When you automatically log in to our server files, we may be able to identify your IP address because we record the time of your visit as well as the number of pages you visited on Brys Cave. The majority of websites and apps perform this routinely and automatically. To track usage patterns, identify server problems, and manage offered services, IP addresses are collected. From your IP address, we can also determine a general location for you.

Physical Location: Your device’s physical location may be used to deliver customised location-based content and geo-targeted adverts to you. Through the settings on your device, you as the user can approve or disapprove this usage.

Requested from you: Your preferred method of communication and any specific requirements for your trip (such as food restrictions or medical issues) may be requested of you. We only get this information from you if you freely give it to us.


As a travel agency, we work with other advertising firms to show you our ads and other services that could be of interest to you. These adverts rely on you using any of your devices to access and use the Services. These third-party businesses could do this by setting or identifying cookies in your browser. Additionally, they might employ the technology to recognise you on other gadgets like a laptop or a cell phone.


To secure Personal Information within the organisation, we look for suitable organisational, technical, and administrative methods under security. In spite of this, no data transfer or storage mechanism is 100% safe. Therefore, in such a scenario, if you have any cause to think that your communication with us is no longer secure or that your security has been penetrated or compromised, no please call us right once at +91 9953226390 or send an email to [email protected] Access and options

You have complete control over how your personal information is used as one of our customers. By calling us at +91 9953226390 or sending us an email at [email protected], you can choose not to receive our marketing mailings.

When possible, Brys Cave will carry out your request. Please be aware, though, that you cannot opt out of receiving operational messages or emails that contain information on your bookings, even if you choose not to receive marketing communications.


We retain your personal information with us until it is required and used for the purposes described in this policy. There can be some situations when a longer retention time is necessary. In these circumstances, it is legal to keep the data.

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